13 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand as an Actor – Practical Ultimate Guide


An actor’s brand is the actor’s personality. It may be hard to stick to that particular personality you have chosen for as long as possible. This is why actors are advised to have a brand that depicts themselves.

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What Is An Actor’s Brand?

Your brand is the way you perceive yourself as an entertainer; basically, it is what is responsible for the outlook you have on any persona you take on when you act.

It is important to note that the way you view yourself is the way other people will come to view you as well because your conduct will most likely be in line with that view of yourself. As an actor or an actress, especially one that is new in the business, it is your responsibility to build your brand (create the image of yourself you want to portray).

NOTE: Sometimes starting actors and actresses tend to copy others in the industry who they admire, you are free to admire others but don’t try to be like them. A word that is gold in acting is ‘authenticity’ – be 100 percent authentic in real life as well as in your job.

Benefits Of Building Your Personal Brand

  • It makes you stand out from other actors. You show people what you are capable of, and why you are better at playing a role than everyone else.
  • It creates job opportunities.
  • Cast directors think of you as an option for roles that are related to your brand.
  • You connect with people who have the same brand as you.
  • You build relationships with other actors in the industry.

13 Steps To Building Your Actor’s Brand

Your brand is like a two-sided coin, which can’t be separated from each other. It takes a part of you and a part of your innermost person, and your professional person which are (Enhancing your personal discovery & Brand image building).

Steps To Enhance Personal Discovery

[STEP 1] – How Do You See Yourself?

Being able to answer this question will go a long way to help you see who you truly are – the values you keep to as well as the attitudes you portray. Try to complete the following sentences; “I am…” and “I am not…”. Your answer should not be more than three words. For instance: I am coordinated, perceptive, fun. I am not harsh, ill-humored, unrehearsed.

When you have a good understanding of your qualities will form the background of your brand. It is in general, your own perception of life and it will remain the same regardless of the situation you find yourself; you could be at your day job, on set while being filmed, or having a nice time out with your friends.

[STEP 2] – How Do Others Perceive You?

Basically, this tells you how other people view you as a result of their engagement with you. You can go around and ask the people you relate with on a daily basis about their personal opinion of you – your family, your colleagues, cast directors, fellow actors, and so on.

When they tell you their own perception of you, make sure you write it down, it is valuable information for your brand.

[STEP 3] – What Patterns Do You Notice?

While trying to gather information regarding other people’s opinions of you, try to take note of phrases that come up consistently.

[STEP 4] – What’s Your Brand Essence?

The next thing you do is put together your own view of yourself with how other people (Friends, and close buddies) perceive you, doing this will determine the core of your brand. The core of your brand is Bringing together your perception of yourself as well as other people’s perception of you, this would give you a better image for your brand.

[STEP 5] – Does This Feel Like You?

You take some time to reflect and determine if the brand of yourself which you have built really depicts the real you. Ask the question, “Does this brand feel like me?”. If your brand represents you and all you stand for then you can move on, but if it doesn’t, you may need to go back to your list and combine other words you have put down in order to create your brand. You may need to carry out this trial and error method until you have found the perfect words that define you.

When you have done this, the next thing that should come to mind is ‘how can I fortify my brand’. If you don’t find the brand you have built to be satisfactory, think of the things you want to modify and make the decision to modify them.

NOTE: When you build a personal brand, you let the world know ‘who you are’ and ‘what you are capable of’, basically, they will know what to expect from you.

Steps To Brand Image Building

[STEP 6] – Have Something You Want To Sell

You want to be a genuine actor or actress and begin a career that will last for a long time, the first thing you need to do is have something you want to show your audience, that is, show that you have a talent and you are working hard to build it up.
Ensure that you are undoubtedly confident in yourself and your capabilities to the extent that you are able to face other people and sure-footedly present yourself to them to sell yourself.

If you feel insecure and not entirely sure you have any real talent as an actor, it might be best for you to go into training and develop your acting fundamental skills before you think about selling yourself; in your case having something to sell becomes your second step, the first is developing your fundamental skills.

[STEP 7] – Make Sure Your Marketing Materials Are Ready To Go

Have your résumé, your headshot, and demo-reel on the ready for when it is demanded. These are what will serve as your first impression on any director when you go for auditions.

You shouldn’t think of selling yourself if you don’t have materials that can exhibit you in the most beneficial way. Discuss with your agent, manager, or professional in the industry about your demo reel, résumé, and photos to see that they sell you in the best way.

NOTE: If you are still a newbie in the acting world, then it’s best you follow our 25 steps of becoming an actor with no experience in order to be fully ready for this step.

[STEP 8] – Company Cards/Business Cards

For an actor or an actress to build their brand, they should have a company or business card which has their picture printed on it. It poses no difficulty and is far more efficient to give your business cards to people you meet at events rather than giving them your full photograph or résumé, especially people who could be very well-referred to as the ‘big sharks’ in the industry.
Furthermore, your business card should contain:

  • All your links in social media.
  • Your contact information and professional representation.
  • Your Talent Agent.
  • Links to your website and further information that is connected to your acting online.
NOTE: Make sure you keep your business cards on your person when attending any parties or any other events and for film festivals – think of all events as platforms to market your brand.

[STEP 9] – Make Sure You Are Online

Another thing you want to do as an actor is to have a strong presence on the internet as this will go a long way to show people that you want to be considered as an actor in earnest.
Most actors have a website, as websites are quite common a platform for actors to promote themselves and their brand and to display their qualities. Furthermore, you need to be active in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as on websites like IMDB and Casting Workbook (if you have an agent, they should ensure that you’re on).

[STEP 10] – Always Seek The Opinion of Critics

In as much as you should have close friends to support your brand. It is vital that you also get feedback from people who don’t consider yours as buddies, perhaps (you could throw a question in a gathering of random people) to say a thing or two about you and your brand. Though it may be hurtful, it is better to hear bitter truth than a sweet lie.

[STEP 11] – Think Outside The Box And Become A Creator

You don’t have to settle for auditions, the internet has provided tons of ways to get your brand out there for the world to see.

NOTE: There are some actors who have gotten to play a few roles in movies even though they never went for auditions.

One thing you can do is start up a YouTube channel and upload videos of yourself playing a certain character or monologues, although it must be one you have to stick to when you begin to get a lot of views – people (including directors and/or casting directors) watch your videos, that way, you are promoting yourself and your brand.

NOTE: Creating a YouTube channel that will get a lot of views in the long run still requires hard work and will take time.

[STEP 12] – Marketing And Mentorship

When you are starting out as an actor, it is your duty and responsibility to try to promote your brand in any way you can with any chance you come across; it is when you have developed your career that you will have agents and other people who can help promote you.

NOTE: You could consult an expert in promotions to find out how to help you.

[STEP 13] – Actors Workshops And Theatre

To properly promote your brand, always seek out any opportunities to put yourself out there for people to see. Attend acting workshops is one very good way to make yourself seen by people who are important in the movie industry and theatre, which will enable you to develop better live performance skills which are characteristic of good actors. Venture into audition environments that are not what is used to; you can increase your opportunities that way.


To be a successful actor, you must go out and sell yourself to the audience, it is one component you will not avoid. Even if you are great an actor, when no one is able to see you or hear from you, you will in no way be able to show them what you’ve got. Don’t just wait around till auditions come around, do the extra bit, focus on yourself as a brand, and promote yourself effectively and efficiently as possible, every chance you get. Actors who make it in the industry and those who don’t are different in the way they sell themselves.

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