13 Rules Of Social Media For Actors & How To Market Yourself – Ultimate Guide

13 Rules Of Social Media For Actors

An actor not being active on social media is Living in the Past and may never grow and succeed in his acting career. In this article, I will open you up to steps that will make you successful in your acting business using social media.

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How Important Is Social Media For Actors?

For an actor to succeed in his acting career being active on social media is not optional, an actor must have a bit of popularity to be hired, and that can mostly be achieved through Social media.

Social media helps an actor’s career in these Following ways:

  • Social media helps you meet people – in this time and age you are not restricted to meeting people one on one, social media creates a wide range for you, in the mass of people you meet on social media platforms, could be your Potential Producer or casting director.
  • Social media helps you Stay Connected – It’s not all about connecting with people, staying connected with them even after you’ve worked with them is very Paramount, social media makes it easier for you to keep in touch with your connects and that gives you an opportunity to be hired again.
  • You have a high chance of being cast – you are less desired by Producers, casting directors and networks without an active social media presence, because you won’t be able to share their project with your fans, advertising the project on your page makes you part of their team.
  • Makes hiring Easier – Social media comes in handy, when you need a director for your web series, with a Facebook or Instagram post you can hire one right away.
  • Social media helps you build your own web series or Content – You can get cast and decide the way you want to be seen and cast by your content.
  • You are in direct communication with your Fans – Growing in your acting career. This can be very helpful, you can make your fans watch your back at all times. On social media, you are not restricted in any way from your fans, you can improve their commitment to you through communication with them and always give them facts of the happenings in case of rumors.
  • You have the privilege of meeting your heroes – because you have access to almost everybody and anybody on social media, you can meet your heroes who are already up there, and that can help improve your connections.
  • It’s always here with us – Social media will be here for a very Long time, that means there’s almost no risk of losing anything, director and producers of the next generation grow up to use it even better. Using it for the improvement of your career is the best thing you can do for yourself.
  • It’s a fantastic way of Collecting Fans – Step by Step as you grow in your acting career everyone you work with either the producers, casting directors, actors, agents, and the audience is your potential fans, Just connect with them and keep in touch you’ll continuously grow your followers.
  • It makes raising Funds easier – Raising funds for a contract is quite tedious, but with social media you can ease the stress, putting it up on your page it spreads Faster, and you get answers quicker.

Do Casting Directors Look At Social Media?

Yes, casting directors look at social media. In this generation casting directors no longer focus on audition skills and reputation in the movie industry alone to cast actors, these two-yard sticks are still important. Still, there’s a new criterion for hiring an actor: Social media.
This denotes that being on social media is not an option for an actor. You may ask what is a casting director or a producer looking for on my social media platforms?; Instagram profile, Facebook fan page, Twitter profile. What does he expect to see? What is he thinking?

What Do Casting Directors Look At Social Media?

There are Three things a casting director looks out for when searching for actors using social media platforms:

  1. A Strong Acting Brand.
  2. How Large Is It An Actor’s Platform.
  3. An Actor’s Professional Presentation.

A Strong Acting Brand

A casting director looks out for an actor with a strong acting brand, in a bid, to get hired most actors audition almost every role hoping that any of these roles would get them a contract, but know this would rather confuse casting directors and producers that view your profile. And these casting directors wouldn’t try to debug your personality or choose a role for you. Instead, they walk to the next Actor, who has his brand Focused and more defined.

A Large Platform Attracts A Casting Director

All Media companies and Networks will hire an actor with a Large Form, they always want actors that will share the shows and productions that they are featured in with their followers and fans.
You may think signing up for an Instagram following network or buying likes on Facebook is an easy way out, it may seem smart, but it’s just a matter of time before it’s dangers devour you. You’ll probably end up with bot followers, and if you’re caught by any social network, they’ll definitely disable your profile. Instead of trying out dubious means, connect with real people who have mutual interests as you. Using the hashtags is an Instagram post idea for actors and will help you see people who are interested in the same thing as you.

Casting Directors Look For Actors With A Professional Presentation

You should be selective about what you post on your platforms. Your tweets on Tweeter and also your Instagram videos should be screened knowing that your potential casting directors and producers are watching. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for actors should be all about their acting career. Showing videos where you are excessively casual won’t attract casting directors. When posting any video professionally showcasing your brand should be at the forefront of your mind.


Marketing is very Paramount at every stage in your acting career, and this should not be neglected. These rules will help you on how to market yourself on social media as an actor.

  1. Have a Talent – before we get to marketing for actors properly you need a product to promote. That is you have a talent and are working hard to develop your talent, and that includes building your confidence in what you already have, no one will believe in you if you don’t first believe in yourself.
  2. Get your Marketing materials ready – Marketing for actors needs the right marketing Materials. You need to get up-to-date quality materials, and that will present you Professionally. Talk to your agent or a Social media director for actors about your resume, demo reels, and photos to ensure they promote you in your best.
  3. Creat your Complementary cards – These cards are Social media marketing strategy for actors in that these cards can contain your headshot, Social media Links, Professional representative, Contact Information, Talent agent, and Links of your other websites and Information relating to your online auditions.
  4. Have an outstanding cover letter, resume, headshot, and showreel – Your cover letter should be captivating and should be different from what everyone else presents.
  5. Create your website – A website is a cost-effective way of marketing for actors. your website should be a hub for your photos, videos, CV, showreel, voice reels news, reviews and it should always be up to date
  6. Always be online – an online presence is a Key strategy, being online you gain the trust of your producers and casting directors, by this, you show them that you are an actor to be taken seriously. A website is the commonest strategy of marketing for an actor and some other social media platforms Like Facebook, Instagram also sites like IMBD and Casting Workbook.
  7. Think big and Be creative – This is another rule of Marketing for actors on social media, be exceptional and raise your head above the crowd that’s when people can really see you, make your auditions exceptional, create an exceptional brand, It may take a while to fully build, but because it has your uniqueness, it’ll make you stand out.
  8. A marketing Mentor – To have someone already to mentor and guide you in marketing your brand will help a whole lot, it’ll prevent a lot of mistakes.
  9. Attend Auditions – Auditions for films, plays, community and high school theatre productions in these you can get so much experience which will advance your skills, and in this way, your social media connection will be expanded based on these people you meet that share the same interest as you, and you can also exchange social media profiles.
  10. Theater and Actor’s workshop – To effectively market your brand you’ll need the Theater which will help you sharpen your live performance skills and the Actor’s workshop which will allow performing in before Key people in the industry, thus you will increase your social media connection by meeting people already in the industry and share your social media profiles with them.
  11. Build your Fans and Followers – This is an Instagram post Idea for actors, take Instagram for instance, following Top actors on Instagram can build your fans and followers because when you follow them is a high possibility that they’ll follow you too. Their influence can cause a lot more to follow you.
  12. Be Interesting – To market yourself on social media you need to always captivate your fans and followers, the more interesting you are, the Followers you have and the higher chances of getting a contract.
  13. Always adopt a new attitude on marketing yourself – Don’t be stereotyped, let your followers be oblivious of your actions, your fashion and words. Continually improve on yourself.

Additional information for actors on how to use social media the right way presented by Amy Jo Berman


Now you can see that social media very important for an actor who is really serious with the acting career and wants to grow. You have more grounds on social media, You connect faster with People, social media gives you a platform to create your success one step at a time. You have every chance to create opportunities for your life on social media.


Firas Sameer, a movie director with several video productions for cinemas, festivals, TV commercials.. etc with several international awards and recognitions for his work.

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