17 Steps To Convince Your Parents To Let You Be An Actor

Not every parent approves of their child’s ambition to join the movie industry because of the difficulty of breaking into the entertainment industry and eventually earning enough to make ends meet. However, if your parents are opposed to you pursuing an acting career, and you want to convince them to let you be an actor, there are a few things you can do to persuade them.

If you are wondering how to tell your parents you want to be an actor, here are some great steps.

17 Steps To Convince Your Parents To Let You Be An Actor

The following are the steps to gain the support of your parents in your acting career:

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#1: Write Down Your Reasons For Being An Actor

This is where you reflect seriously on why you want to go into acting. Write out any reason you can think of on a piece of paper. This is the very first step on how to become an actor at 12 with no experience.

#2: Scrutinize Your List

The next step on how to become an actress or an actor is to analyze the list you have made and pick out only the logical points and reasons that are understandable.

#3: Eliminate Ambiguity

Make your reason as clear and precise as possible. For example, you shouldn’t say you want to venture into acting because it makes you “happy.” Instead, explain how it makes you happy. Ambiguity is why many people say, “I want to be an actor, but my parents won’t let me.”

#4: Write Your New List On A Different Paper

After scrutinizing your list and picking out the best reasons, you can then write a new list on another piece of paper or, better yet, in a journal.

#5: Decide On Your Choice Of Acting

Acting goes beyond becoming a movie star. Most aspiring actors and actresses focus so much on becoming movie stars, and few of them ever make it.

There are other kinds of acting, such as character acting, acting for commercials, or stage acting.

#6: Find A Way To Prove That You Are Serious

You need to find how to convince your parents to let you audition for pop or a movie without them thinking that your desire to be an actor is just a mere wish – a way to show them how serious you are. It may be by rehearsal an entire line of their favorite actor and acting it in front of them.

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#7: Demonstrate Your Passion

The next thing is to demonstrate how passionate you are about acting. You can start taking acting lessons, go watch plays and see if you can get backstage and watch the performers in action, try out for a play at your school, and go for auditions, this way you will push your parents further into accepting letting you to be an actor.

#8: Create A Mature Plan

This is a plan that assures your parents that you are serious about your life choice. Every parent loves a child that is serious about their life, and a plan like this will help you make your case.

#9: Consider Other Ways To Use Your Acting Skills

Think of other careers in which you can put your acting skills to use and still make a living. You need to prepare a backup plan to show your parents that there is something you can do if acting doesn’t pan out. You can even consider being an acting coach or using your experience from acting to begin a career in movie production or scriptwriting.

#10: Learn What You Need To Succeed

You can do your research on acting schools and find out what their acting classes cost. You can simply type out “acting classes near me” on any search engine. You should also identify your weak points and improve on them. If you want to be in musicals, you should learn to dance if you don’t know how to.

#11: Find The Right Time To Convince Your Parents To Be An Actor

The right time to tell your parents about your decision is probably when they are less tired or distracted. So find a time when they are in a good mood – when they are not bothered by their jobs or life, and then shoot your shot.

#12: Contemplate Telling Them In Public

Telling your parents that you want to go into acting is a conversation that must be had in private. However, it can be useful to tell them your intentions in public first. At least that way, you will see how they react to it, and because they are in public, they won’t overreact.

#13: Show Them How Passionate You Are

This is not to say that you should do something excessive to show that you badly want to go into acting. On the contrary, if you are passionate enough about acting, you would naturally express it.

#14: Explain Your Plan And Ask For Their Assistance

The next step is to show them the plan you had written out and your backup plan. Then, you can explain to them that your plan was created with careful consideration of the risks and possible outcomes.

Ask them for help, as they are your parents, it would be better to have their support. Who knows? If you can convince them, they could go about asking their friends, “my son wants to be an actor where do I start?” Once they get to this point, you can be sure they have your back.

#15: Listen To Them Carefully

After telling them about your desire and plans to go into acting. Hear out their own opinions and make sure that you listen to everything they have to say.

#16: Don’t Argue

Even if it sounds like they are against your decision, don’t get into an argument with them. If you get into a fight with them, you may spend your entire summer telling your friends that you want to be an actress but your parents want you to be a doctor. If you don’t want such a summer, listen to what they say.

#17: Compromise

Be willing to compromise. Do not try to force your parents to accept your decision to be an actor. For example, you can tell them that you would get a part-time job while taking acting lessons or going for auditions.

NOTE: Many times, parents say no because of the financial implications.


It is usually difficult to start anything, including telling your parents what you have a passion for. But just like everything else, it gets easier once you begin. However, your approach matters a lot, and that is why the above steps were provided in this article to help you convince your parents to let you be an actor and live your dream.


Firas Sameer, a movie director with several video productions for cinemas, festivals, TV commercials.. etc with several international awards and recognitions for his work.

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