How Do I Find Good Acting Classes? Practical Tutorial Step By Step


The below tutorial is based on 3 main steps to find a good acting class for you, follow them sequentially:

[STEP – 1] 11 Acting Classes Types – Take An Idea

[STEP – 2] Identify Your Needs

[STEP – 3] How Do I Find Good Acting Classes?

In order to answer your question and find good acting classes for your needs, you must understand the types of acting classes as a first step in order to organize your thoughts in the second step below.

Table of Contents

[STEP – 1] 11 Acting Classes Types – Take An Idea

  1. Acting Technique Classes
  2. Commercial Acting Classes
  3. Classical Acting Classes
  4. Audition Technique Classes
  5. Scene Study Classes
  6. On-camera Classes
  7. Improvisation Classes
  8. Cold Reading Or Sight Reading Classes
  9. Movement and Body Classes
  10. Vocal Classes
  11. Voice-Over Classes

Acting Technique Classes

Acting technique classes are essential for any newbie actor looking to study acting especially if you did not or not going to attend a drama school. Here you will learn all the acting basics which will push you to the next acting level compared to someone who has some acting skills or doesn’t know how to act.

This is the acting class type where you will learn acting methods such as but not limited to Meisner Technique, Method Acting Technique, Stella Adler Technique … etc.,

Commercial Acting Classes

Commercial acting classes teach you everything related to commercials such as auditioning, scripts reading, improvising, how to behave on a commercial shoot… etc, you should remember that acting in commercials is totally different than acting in theatre or movies or even tv shows.

NOTE: Do not add commercial acting history in your acting resume as it will not add any value, and acting resume should include only acting experience, however, you could make another resume (cv) for commercials skills.

Classical Acting Classes

Classical acting classes will teach you theatrical Shakespeare’s style acting along with movement and voice control, this type of acting is suitable for actors who are willing to act in theatre mostly and not in cinema or TV, however, if you are not willing to take this career path then better to attend drama school or classes.

Audition Technique Classes

Audition technique classes are very important and worth taking along with the acting classes, this is due to the fact that acting career depends somehow on the auditions that you apply for acting jobs hence putting in mind that auditioning is a very difficult part and might be more difficult than the performance of the role you are applying for.

In audition technique classes that tutor will teach you many things related to auditioning such script analysis, how to differentiates yourself from other applicants in the audition, what to do during the audition… etc.

Scene Study Classes

In scene study classes the students will learn all types of scenes in movies, theatrical plays, and TV in practical ways, and the students will practice upon the teacher’s instructions based on case study scenes for learning.

On-camera Classes

The on-camera classes have the same concept of scene study but in addition to that, the student will learn how to get his proper posture in front of the camera, as well as will be taught how to control his voice during his acting in front of the camera, unlike the on-stage voice techniques which you should learn how to boost your voice and control the airflow of your breath.

As a new actor, you must take this class if you were willing to be an on-camera actor and this will make it easy for you to succeed.

Improvisation Classes

This is also important classes you may need to consider taking along with the acting classes, these classes will make you able to think and react on your feet, it is important to have the improv skills which will help you big time in comedy, drama, theatrical plays, tv commercials … etc., but mostly it is more important in tv commercials.

Cold Reading Or Sight Reading Classes

The most important thing you will learn in cold reading classes is how quickly you could prepare the script and read it properly, after learning how to breakdown the script and analyze it.

You will also learn in cold reading classes how to quickly memorize your lines in the script and how to perform them, so this class will be so useful for all type of acting but it is more useful for commercial acting as normally in commercial shooting there is less time to prepare your self.

Movement and Body Classes

Movement and body classes are very useful for new actors, you will learn more about your body language while acting either on a theatrical play or a movie, all your limbs will be explored to you on how to move them in the proper manner.

Vocal Classes

Voice or vocal classes teach you as an actor how to use your voice to its best ability, how to control your voice, and how to properly breathe while talking, this is so useful in all types of acting.

Voice-Over Classes

Voice-over classes fall into the field of voice over actors, normal actors do not need to learn voice-over unless otherwise, they want to take it as their career path, voice-over is where your voice will be used in projects in many different ways depending on the type of the project.

[STEP – 2] Identify Your Needs

Now that you have taken an idea of the different types of the 11 acting classes you are ready to follow the below steps on how to find the good and perfect acting classes for you.

Ask yourself the below questions and narrow your thinking towards the next step.

  • What skills do you want to develop?
  • What kind of actor do you want to be?
  • What subjects in acting classes are most important to you?
  • Do I have a good budget to take more than 1 class?

[STEP – 3] How Do I Find Good Acting Classes?

Now you have an idea about the 11 acting class types and you know what you need to have, follow the below easy method of finding good acting classes:

  1. Open Google and search the term (Acting classes near me).
  2. Read people’s reviews of each result and shorten your options.
  3. Make a shortlist of 10 acting classes.
  4. Call them one by one and ask them the below questions along with what type of acting class you are looking for:
  • Are your classes environment positive?
  • Does the class teacher have previous experience as an actor?
  • Will the class teacher follow up on my learning progress?
  • Is there a possibility that I audit a class before joining?
  • Will I be directed or taught in your classes?
  • How many students per class?
  • Will the teacher give attention to individual students?
  • Will practical scenes be available with partners?
  • Will a practical act be there in every class?
  • How much your classes cost?
  • Will the teacher motivate me?

According to the above questions, you can decide which institute offers the best value at the best cost.


Private acting classes also is a good approach to develop your acting path and become a professional successful actor, what is good about acting classes and cinema institutes is they give more practical lessons than theoretical teachings.

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