34 Benefits On Attending Summer Camps or Acting Workshops – 6 Steps How To Guide

34 benefits and 6 how to guide acting workshops

Acting summer camps or sometimes called drama camps are normally so beneficial for students in high school or even for kids in different perspectives, whether an acting student who has the dream of becoming a professional actor or even that who has some theatrical acting experience or performed in short films with his friends, acting summer camps will open lots of possibilities to enhance and increase your experience and guide you the right way to the professional acting career path.

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34 Benefits Of Attending Summer Camps Or Acting Workshops

Benefits of attending summer camps and acting workshops vary depending on the camp’s programs, it can assist you directly to enter the world of theatre or movie productions and into their environments by different means.

I can say that depending on the camp’s program, you (as an acting student) you can get benefits of attending those summer camps as mentioned below to learn and enhance your skills of:

  1. Character Development – How to develop a character in a play or film.
  2. Acting Technique – Improving your acting via specific techniques preparing you for any given role to play.
  3. Acting for Films – Improving your film acting skills by assigning scenes from produced screenplays to you to perform.
  4. Voice Projection Learn how to perfect your speaking strength in terms of loudness and clarity.
  5. Movement – Providing the necessary techniques and tools to enhance the physical dimension to all your roles.
  6. Memorization Skills Learning the tricks on how to memorize your script lines for any type of role.
  7. Monologues – Improve your inspiration depending on self-discipline skills to work individually without a scene partner.
  8. Filmcraft – You will get tutored by professional coaches on how film production works.
  9. Standup Comedy – Learn and practice how to be a successful stand-up comedian.
  10. Scene Study – You will gain experience on how to approach a scene in terms of objectives definition, dividing the scenes into beats*, understanding the arc, … etc.
  11. Stage Combat – Learning the techniques on how to create the illusion of physical fight without causing harm to the other performers.
  12. Special Effects –  Some summer camps or workshops give you the opportunity to learn how to create special effects for movies.
  13. Improvisation – Some acting workshops include games and exercises on how to leave your imagination lead the actions without pre-planning which will increase your creativity.
  14. Audition Technique – Learning techniques on how to be successful in your auditioning in your acting career.
  15. Live Stage Performance – You will be having the chance to perform a live performance on stage at the end of your camp program to show your learned skills.
  16. Film Production – Same as live stage performance but you might participate in acting in real film production at the end of your summer workshop program.
  17. Working With Cameras – Some summer acting camps give you the opportunity to work directly with different cameras and teach you filming techniques.
  18. Scenery Design and Construction – In addition to acting, you might have the perfect opportunity to gain experience with back-stage responsibilities and skills.
  19. Costume Design – Another field you might have the chance to learn more about is working under supervision by professionals.
  20. Props – Just like in costume design for plays you will also be working closely to learn how to decide your play props and prepare them.
  21. Sound – In addition to camera skills you might also learn, depending on the program, how to work as a sound engineer.
  22. Lighting – Learning more about stage lighting or lighting setup techniques for film shooting.
NOTE: * A (scene beat) in theater and film, is the smallest division of action in a film, play or other drama work, it’s referring to the moment at which the dramatic tension increases and produces a noticeable change.

In addition to the above benefits, you might also have the chance to:

  1. Work with professional stage actors.
  2. Work with professional screen actors.
  3. Having the chance of getting involved in a real acting role projects.
  4. Having the chance to act in a film project at the end of the program.
  5. Having the chance to act on stage in a play project at the end of the program.

Even as a parent, your kids will have plenty of other benefits that will help them throughout their life as well as their career life along with the above mentioned as it will improve their:

  1. Self-confidence.
  2. Leadership.
  3. Teamwork.
  4. Cooperation.
  5. Having fun with other kids and teens with a similar passion.
  6. Learning in an atmosphere of encouragement, kindness, and empathy.
  7. Strengthen social and communication skills
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6 Steps – How To Find The Perfect Acting Workshops or Summer Camps

In order to find and attend the perfect acting workshop or summer camp, you need to follow the below steps:

STEP 1 – Define your goals for attending acting workshops or summer drama camps

The first step of choosing the right acting workshops or drama camps for you is to define your goals of attending such camps, whether you are willing to be a professional actor/actress for cinema or TV, a professional actor /actress for theatrical shows, a professional on-stage performer, a technical person who is working behind the scenes whether in theatre or a film production crew.. etc, defining your goal will hugely narrow your acting or summer camp choices to the right options.

STEP 2 – Consider your location

Considering your location is important not only making it easy for you to attend such summer camps but also will reduce the cost of traveling.

STEP 3 – Consider assigning a budget

Assign a budget for your summer camp, you should have an estimate of how much money you are willing to pay for a summer camp expenses as sometimes a summer camp is not free, in the end, it will be a beneficial vacation for you on the long run, some of those summer camps do not put their cost online so better try reaching out to them via phone calls or emails asking them about their costs and see whether their prices are within your budget. Your budget will further narrow the workshop or summer camp options.

STEP 4 – Consider selecting a day or overnight camp

Upon your desire, requirements or limitations, consider selecting whether day time or overnight camps to attend, each has its own reflections in terms of the type of activities, costs, challenges, benefits … etc

STEP 5 – The summer camp program duration

By taking into consideration your vacation and what plans you have, consider putting in mind how the duration of a summer camp is suitable for you, put a range of periods like 3 to 4 weeks for instance and narrow your options.

STEP 6 – Make a list of acting or drama camps options

  • Now it’s the time of opening Google and searching for summer camps or acting workshops nearby after taking into consideration the previous 5 steps.
  • Make a list of those good options you need to choose your perfect camp from.
  • Search for online reviews for people attended those camps and what are their ratings and comments.

According to the list you’ve developed, consider going deeper into your selections by asking yourself the below questions and upon that select the perfect acting workshops/summer camps:

  • What qualifications the counselors/acting coaches, vocal coaches, and others have?
  • What type of equipment/facilities are available for campers to use and exercise?
  • What sort of professional actors visits the camp? and how long do they remain with the campers?
  • Is there any school credit offered after this camp?


This is a wonderful golden chance for anyone who needs to practice acting for either with cost, free or by getting paid for it, summer camps can offer you a lot of intensive learning materials within a short period of time of 2 to 3 weeks, you could be involved in multiple shows with different roles which can incredibly increase your self-confidence and your experience.


Firas Sameer, a movie director with several video productions for cinemas, festivals, TV commercials.. etc with several international awards and recognitions for his work.

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